XAd Is Buying WeatherBug to Enhance Its Ad Targeting and Take Aim at IBM

Location data player xAd has purchased WeatherBug, which is consistently one of the most downloaded weather mobile apps, per

ComScore Is Working With xAd to Measure Foot Traffic From Online Ads

ComScore and xAd (a location-based mobile ad network) are beginning to measure how effective xAd's mobile campaigns are for driving in-store visits. 

Marketers Can Now Buy Keyword-Based Mobile Ads for 100 Million Worldwide Locations

BARCELONA, Spain—A number of location-based ad-tech players are at Mobile World Congress this week to talk about the shift from online to real-world advertising, and xAd's pitch to global marketers is particularly interesting.

Are Marketers Finally Getting the Hang of Location-Based Mobile Ads?

Until recently, location-based advertising has remained a small part of mobile ad budgets, primarily because it's difficult to pinpoint the exact person with the right type of ad on the fly.

Foursquare Unleashes Location Data for Cross-Mobile Ad Targeting

Foursquare has taken its share of lumps from industry watchers in recent years about its slow user growth, but critics have never rolled their eyes at the promise of the app's location data.

170 U.S. Brands Are Already Using This Ad Tech That Can Target People in a Specific Building

The motto of the 28th annual Mobile World Congress is "The Edge of Innovation," and xAd's message at the conference is particularly on theme. The New York tech company can literally target you with an ad based on the edges of the building in which you stand, a capability that's brought to life with an accuracy-verification data feed called Blueprints. 

Does Mobile Marketing Actually Work in the Real World?

When you walk into the mobile advertising firm xAd’s headquarters in New York, you'll notice a pair of digital screens showing maps of the United States. On the left, a map plots out more than 150 billion monthly pings from smartphone owners opening advertising-supported mobile apps and sites across the country.

Mobile Marketers Know Who You Are and Where You’ve Been

Location data has long been a key selling point in convincing marketers to buy into mobile advertising, but it’s not gaining the traction networks had hoped for. Now location-based ad networks are enhancing basic geo-fencing capabilities with deeper consumer behavior formats.

Mobile Accounts for 85% of Gas and Convenience Store Searches

With smartphone-browsing consumers riding shotgun to parks and beaches—while the driver, hopefully, focuses on the road—during these summer months, gasoline and convenience store brands might want to crank up their mobile ad budgets.