Verizon Wireless

Wieden + Kennedy Waxes Metaphorical in First Full Campaign for Verizon

Verizon recently surprised many in the agency world by signing Wieden + Kennedy as its newest creative partner without launching a formal review.

Here’s Why AOL Is Poised to Take On Facebook and Google

What do you get when you combine the one-time champion of dial-up and the current wireless subscription leader? You get an advertising technology player that could compete more closely with Facebook and Google, according to top industry leaders.

Sad the Holidays Are Over? This Verizon Ad Has the Last Laugh of the Season

For most of us—taste buds numb from eggnog, eyes bleary from festive lights—it's merciful that the holidays have ended. But the dude in this Verizon Wireless spot from mcgarrybowen just can't let go of the season—or bear to leave his brittle, brown-ing Christmas tree out on the curb.

We Ask the Experts: Which Brands Are Killing It Right Now?

Which brand—besides your own—is currently impressing you? That was the question we posed to Advertising Week attendees Thursday.Check out a handful of their responses in the Instagram videos below.

FCC Will Vote on Setting Aside Spectrum for Smaller Carriers in Auction

One thing you can say about FCC chairman Tom Wheeler: He's not afraid of controversy. After causing an uproar with his net neutrality proposal earlier this week, he is now ending the week poking another hornet's nest with his proposal to limit how much spectrum wireless companies can bid on during the upcoming spectrum auction set for 2015.

Oracle Buys Responsys for $1.5 Billion

Oracle is buying digital marketing software company Responsys for around $1.5 billion, or $27 a share in cash. The acquisition is expected to close in the first half of 2014.

Wheeler Coaxes Wireless Companies to Adopt Cell Phone Unlocking

Major wireless carriers have agreed to make it easier for consumers to unlock their mobile devices to change providers.

Ad of the Day: Edward Norton Shines in Crazy 90-Second Thrill Ride for Verizon and Droid

Given the actor's reputation for demanding final cut (all right, the director was notoriously insane) and distancing himself from projects he doesn't like, it makes perfect sense that if Edward Norton is going to do a commercial, it's going to be a really good commercial.

McCann Erickson Working Again On Verizon Wireless Spots

McCann Erickson has quietly been picking up creative assignments for Verizon Wireless, an account that left the Interpublic agency in 2010 for Dentsu’s mcgarrybowen.

ESPN Re-ups With Twitter Amplify for College Football

Television networks and publishers are really getting on board with Twitter Amplify.