Wieden + Kennedy Waxes Metaphorical in First Full Campaign for Verizon

12 ads make the case for quality

Verizon recently surprised many in the agency world by signing Wieden + Kennedy as its newest creative partner without launching a formal review. And this week, after introducing a sleeker logo, America's leading wireless provider debuted "Better Matters," the first full campaign from the agency.

The theme of this work is ambitious and suggests only Verizon can fully deliver on "the promise of the digital world." Its central analogy, illustrated with a series of colorful metaphors in a dozen ads from W+K's creative team, holds that a higher-quality network leads to a better quality of life, especially when it comes to everyday convenience.

One scene in the first ad highlights a frustrated man whose wireless connection "only works in one corner of the house." The message is clear: Verizon's product is simply better than its competitors.

Regarding the launch spot, Wieden + Kennedy creative directors Aaron Allen and Jason Kreher told Adweek via email, "Everyone in this category has invented a claim to make it sound like they are the best. But when you are the leader like Verizon is, you have the opportunity to talk to people on a higher level. It was important to us to rise above the bickering of this category and stand for something bigger."

The next set of :30 ads elaborates on that theme with an assortment of self-described experts, who let consumers know exactly how a "better" network operates compared to inferior rivals.

In "Scuba," a French instructor compares the flow of wireless data to that of oxygen through a series of tubes. (Note the all-important "do not attempt" disclaimer.)

Next, a woman who may be a little too passionate about her juicing hobby elaborates (in her own unnerving way) on the benefits of Verizon's 100 percent LTE or "long-term evolution" technology.

In the following spot, an unnamed high schooler joins forces with Spandau Ballet to compare Verizon's ultra-reliable network to the untouchable magnetism of ultimate 80s couple Corey and Samantha, who always seem to attract attention without even trying.

Another spot invokes Wall-E in answering an eternal question: What is a cartoon door without a group of animated, lemming-like humanoids trying to squeeze through it?

Following that star turn, the campaign uses several other inanimate objects and a paper lizard in a series of :15 spots.

First comes the abnormally large basketball hoop.

An hourglass can also do the job with a little help from its archenemy, the cylinder.

What better way to explain how data (or, in this case, liquid) moves most effectively from one point to the next by traveling in a straight line than with a crazy straw?

The next take is particularly topical given McDonald's newfound dedication to cage-free eggs.

Just like this lizard and its paper tail, Verizon always has a backup generator ready in case things start to go wrong.

Finally, as if to cover all possible bases, the campaign turns to two star athletes for their own versions of the operative metaphor.

Backup Saints quarterback Luke McCown brings a new perspective (literally) to the smartphone experience, while Texans defensive end and Men's Health cover model J.J. Watt keeps working hard, even when no one can see him doing it. If a tree falls in the forest, J.J. Watt definitely makes a sound.

The larger claim—which is impossible for anyone with a pulse to miss—is that Verizon's network allows for a more unencumbered flow of data than those of its competitors. With Sprint focusing on price as a differentiator and AT&T releasing ads to highlight its recent merger with DirecTV and its efforts to curb the texting-while-driving epidemic, Verizon hopes that this message will resonate with consumers who rely on that all-important wireless data in almost every moment of their lives.

The new campaign and logo are part of an extended attempt to plot the present and future course of a company that would like to be all things to all people, including AOL members. Svp of brand creative marketing Melissa Garlick says, "Instead of trying to talk to different types of people all at once, we found a dozen different ways to explain how Verizon has a better network, and why better matters."

Creative directors Allen and Kreher echoed that message, telling Adweek, "The challenge was explaining some pretty dry facts in a way that would resonate." The varied nature of this campaign "ensured that production would be a huge challenge, but it resulted in a ton of good work that helps Verizon stand out from the competition."

The ads above are not W+K's first work for Verizon. Some of the agency's spots released earlier in the summer—like this one starring a very sad dog—focused more on the economics of Verizon's service package. But the "Better Matters" campaign will be the client's most notable marketing effort, with ads airing during this fall's biggest events including NFL and college football games throughout the coming season.

While Verizon still includes mcgarrybowen, which created recent wireless campaigns starring James Franco, on its agency roster, Wieden + Kennedy's tenure as the company's lead creative partner effectively begins with this campaign.


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Title: "Door," "Lizard," "Egg"

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Title: "Backup QB," "Juice," "It Couple," "Scuba"

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Title: "Hourglass," "Basketball," "Straw"

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Strategic Planning: Amber Higgins, Zack Jerome
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Title: "The Network of J.J. Watt"

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