Twentieth Century Fox

20th Century Fox Buys First Snapchat Lens Takeover Ad

20th Century Fox is turning X-Men fans into their favorite characters on Snapchat today. The film studio bought out today's line-up of lenses—the photos and videos that users can apply to their snaps—with different lenses based on nine of the movie's characters: Beast, Professor X, Quicksilver, Apocalypse, Storm, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Mystique and Magneto.

How The Martian Is Helping to Sell Actual Potatoes (Astronaut Poop Not Included)

Two days ago, a Redditor posted a grocery-store photo of a DVD of The Martian placed strategically over baskets of potatoes. The thread has since become a subreddit of the month and is doing the viral rounds with Olympian-level speed. People who've seen the movie, or read the book, will get it: One trial of protagonist Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon, whose whole career right now revolves around being stranded on other planets) is his effort to grow potatoes in hostile Martian soil. So, this is a smart, in-the-know play—the kind of thing that's random at best to people who don't get it, and explosively awesome for those who do. And while it would be easy to write off as a smart marketing coup by an enterprising grocer, this is surprisingly much bigger than that: The Albert Bartlett potato company actually inked an official partnership with Twentieth Century Fox for the right to use The Martian and Matt Damon's face to sell rooster potatoes (which are red ... like the Red Planet!). The DVD/Blu-ray version of the film also comes packed with an Albert Bartlett ad. 

Here Are 4 Mobile Messaging Apps Marketers Need to Know About in 2016

When it comes to messaging, Snapchat and Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger are the go-to apps of millennials and marketers alike. But increasingly, a new crop of messaging apps is growing in popularity.

As the Mobile Messaging War Heats Up, Kik Tries to Win Over Marketers With GIFs

Twentieth Century Fox wants to talk to teens the way they do with their friends, so it's using GIFs to chat with them on mobile messaging app Kik.

Brands Make a Match With Dating Apps

Twentieth Century Fox last week launched an ambitious ad campaign on Tinder for its forthcoming comedy Spy, underscoring how dating apps have been embraced not only by consumers but also top marketers.

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Get Ready for Minority Report, the TV Series

Fox has struck a deal with Steven Spielberg’s production company, Amblin TV, to produce a television pilot based on the director’s highly acclaimed sci-fi flick Minority Report, reports.

Microsoft Gets 30 Brands to Run Windows 8 In-App Ads

Microsoft may or may not be dropping upwards of $1 billion to promote its latest operating system Windows 8, and now the company’s