Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Earns 83 Times More Money Endorsing Things Than Playing Golf

The sprinter Usain Bolt has earned $15,000 in race winnings over the last year but $21 million in sponsorships. Nascar star Jimmie Johnson, on the other hand, pulled in $16.2 million in winnings but a mere $6.5 million in endorsements.

This Is How Golf Brands Are Trying to Bring Millennials Back to the Game

When it comes to popularity, notably among millennial consumers, golf has gone from scoring birdies to tallying triple bogeys over the last decade, driven home by NBC earning the worst overnight ratings ever for its recent Ryder Cup broadcast.

Ad of the Day: Proud New Yorkers (and a Few Other Familiar Faces) Tip Their Hats to Derek Jeter

Respect. That’s what Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees is about.

Fox Sports Grabs Rights to Golf’s U.S. Open

On the eve of the launch of its 24/7 cable network, Fox Sports has nailed down the broadcast rights to the U.S. Open, the second of the four major golf championship tournaments. 

Spirit Airlines Begins Advertising Search

Spirit Airlines is contacting agencies about its creative and media business, according to sources. The carrier, which spends most of its marketing dollars online, has a budget of more than $5 million, sources said. Ark Advisors in New York is helping to manage the search.

No, Seriously, Golf Is a Real Sport, Says Nike’s New Tiger Woods Ad

Tiger Woods's latest chapter in his blood oath to Nike is this ad from Wieden + Kennedy in which the golfer is compared to a track-and-field competitor, a boxer, a basketball player and a baseball player (referencing Babe Ruth, no less). The idea is to stress golf's athleticism, but all it did for me was reinforce how lethargic golf is compared to sports where people aren't driven around in carts with other people who carry all their stuff. I would like to see how Tiger trains for big tournaments, though, so maybe next time Nike could be less roundabout in its approach. Credits below.

What Is ‘Mudvertising’ and Why Are Marketers Diving In?

Most marketers wouldn’t want to have their names dragged through the mud. But not some brands.

Tiger Woods’ Road Back to Golf’s Spotlight

The No. 1-ranked golfer in the world, Tiger Woods failed to win his fifth green jacket this weekend at the Masters on Augusta National.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Nike’s New Tiger Woods Ad Says More About Us Than Him

Now that Tiger Woods has regained the top ranking on the pro golf tour, Nike is celebrating its star endorser's comeback with an online ad emblazoned with one of Woods's favorite soundbites, "Winning takes care of everything," along with the word "Victory" next to the company's swoosh logo. The ad has stoked the flames of controversy in social media, with some claiming it sends a bad message in light of Woods's marital infidelities that surfaced a few years back, costing him some endorsement deals, tarnishing his image and threatening to derail his career—not to mention crushing the marriage in question.