Jesse Oxfeld

24 Hours in Advertising: Friday, July 24

Converse unveils an updated Chuck Taylor, Sharknado ratings sink and AOL offers an option to skip video ads. New on Adweek:

TBWA\Chiat\Day Takes Home a Grand Clio Sports Award for Gatorade’s Jeter Send-Off

TBWA\Chiat\Day's "Made in NY" spot for Gatorade starring Derek Jeter won the Grand Clio Sports award for film at the Clio Sports ceremony in New York last night. It was one of nine awards presented for creative excellence in sports.

Put in an Impossible Position, Subway Is Navigating It as Well as Possible, Experts Say

If your well-known spokesman ends up being convicted of a crime, the solution is easy: Fire him, and condemn his actions. But what's a brand to do when its best-known customer is tangled up in a child-porn investigation in which he hasn't been charged and could be anything from a suspect to an unwitting bystander?

Subway Suspends Relationship With Spokesman Jared Fogle After FBI Search

Subway has suspended its relationship with former spokesman Jared Fogle and removed all references to him from the sandwich chain's website and social media accounts.

To Introduce Big King in Brazil, Burger King ‘Flame-Grills’ Big Mac Superfans

How to convince fast-food diners that Burger King's Big King burger is a superior option to the iconic McDonald's Big Mac? Invite Golden Arches superfans to Brazil, feed them the new competition, and then brand them with tattoos.

Tiger Woods Earns 83 Times More Money Endorsing Things Than Playing Golf

The sprinter Usain Bolt has earned $15,000 in race winnings over the last year but $21 million in sponsorships. Nascar star Jimmie Johnson, on the other hand, pulled in $16.2 million in winnings but a mere $6.5 million in endorsements.

5 Ways Brands Can Get Away From Collecting ‘Likes’ and Do Better on Social

For brands to successfully use social media to help achieve their business goals, they need to move away from simply collecting likes and getting retweets and instead provide relevant, genuine interaction with their customers and brand boosters.

Hunger Games Campaign Brings Rebel Salute to Billboards Worldwide

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, the next installment in the blockbuster movie series, will hit theaters in the fall, and by then, we'll all be revolutionaries.

Ogilvy CEO Miles Young to Step Down, Become Oxford Administrator

Miles Young, the global CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, will leave the agency after more than three decades to take a top administrative position at Oxford University.

Jeff Foxworthy Says You Have the Right to Eat Breakfast for Dinner

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has a broad, family-friendly appeal beyond those who might be rednecks. And Golden Corral, the North Carolina-based buffet-dining chain, is looking to leverage that relatability in its new "Golden Bill of Rights" campaign, which features Foxworthy as the brand's spokesman.