This New York Shop Takes a Jazz-like Approach to Marketing and Events

Specs Who President Esther Yoon, CEO Maurice Bernstein What Media, marketing and events shop Where New York and Los Angeles

Hamburger Helper Dropped an Entire Rap Album for April Fools’, and It’s Shockingly Good

If you run down a list of brands that understand, appreciate and contribute to the hip-hop community, Hamburger Helper probably wouldn't make the cut. And that's probably why the brand just dropped a surprisingly good rap album about food for April Fools'.  It's a perfectly confusing stunt to pull. If you listen to the five tracks, which have names like "Feed the Streets" and "In Love With the Glove," it'd be easy to forget that this comes from Hamburger Helper.  #WATCHTHESTOVE — Helper (@helper) April 1, 2016

Global Agency of the Year: Grey’s Work Sparked Cultural Conversations Worldwide

Grey celebrated its performance at the Cannes Lions in June with leather, whips and chains. The WPP Group agency hosted an S&M-themed "Fifty Shades" bash on the roof of the JW Marriott, high above the shimmering Mediterranean.

José Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays Shares His Favorite Apps and Cereals

Specs Age 34 Claim to fame Right fielder for the Toronto Blue Jays; six-time player in the MLB All-Star Game Base Toronto and Tampa, Fla.

Inside Grey’s Global Sweep of 113 Lions at Cannes

While Ogilvy & Mather received recognition as Cannes' Network of the Year, smaller WPP corporate sibling Grey generated much of the unofficial buzz at Cannes last week as it was awarded 113 Lions, triple the agency's previous recor

Soundcloud’s Amazing Acoustic Rebuilding of the Berlin Wall Wins Radio Grand Prix

CANNES, France—A remarkable Soundcloud campaign from Grey Germany, marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, picked up the Radio Grand Prix here tonight on an impressive night for the WPP network.

Get Ready for Glenn Beck Rants and Hot Tracks in Your Twitter Feed

Twitter has sound. Now you’ll be hearing popular music DJ David Guetta tracks in your feed and Glenn Beck rants, because the messaging platform enabled audio clips.

Red Bull and Jaguar Test New Music-Streaming Ads

The music-streaming service space continues to heat up for both advertisers and musicians. SoundCloud has now launched five new ad products that it hopes will help reel in the same kind of advertising spend that Spotify, YouTube and Pandora have generated from big brands.

SoundCloud’s New Brand Program Could Help Marketers Crack Facebook’s Music Feed

Arguably the easiest way for a social-ish app to introduce ads is through a unit that lets brands pay to promote their account to attract fans. That was one of Facebook’s touchstones after it rolled out Pages letting advertisers seek followers, and Twitter and Tumblr have also adopted the tactic.