Mountain Dew Celebrates the Exhilarating Feeling of Doing in a New Global Campaign

What's better, sitting on your couch watching someone skydiving or climbing a mountain, or getting off your butt and actually doing it yourself? While it may depend on who you ask, most would argue the experience of doing is much greater than watching, which is the premise for Mountain Dew's new global ad campaign. 

From Ridgemont High to ‘Damn, Daniel,’ Vans Is Still Kicking It at 50

One afternoon, a sun-tanned 21-year-old actor named Sean Penn sauntered into the Vans store in Santa Monica, Calif., in search of a pair of comfortable shoes. Penn, who had recently landed a movie part playing a SoCal stoner dude named Jeff Spicoli, picked out a pair of slip-ons in a checkerboard pattern.

This Week’s Must-Haves: a Toolbox That Keeps You Connected to the World

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting gifts for people with things to get done and places to get to. Start in on that project with a high-tech toolbox. Hit […]

Ad of the Day: With Lexus’ Real Hoverboard, Skaters Have to Relearn Everything From Scratch

Joining the surprisingly long list of organizations getting our hopes up about hoverboards is Lexus, which unveiled a prototype that the automaker has been hinting about since June.

Toyota Scion Headbangs Its Way to the Bank

Toyota believes heavy metal enthusiasts get a raw deal when it comes to being stereotyped as young, uneducated and prone to violence.

‘Gooks of Hazzard’ Shirt Blasted for Racial Slur

If you like retro TV and racist slurs, have we got the T-shirt for you. Baker Skateboards is taking some heat this week for its shirt called “The Gooks of Hazzard,” which refers to two Asian men as “good orr boys” driving a car called the General Li.

When Civilization Collapses, at Least You’ll Have a Skateboard

When the end days come, you're going to need a few key things to survive: fresh water, durable footwear and, of course, a thematically appropriate skateboard. Ohio-based agency Real Art Design Group has teamed up with Alien Workshop to create 50 "Skate Recolonization Kits" for the impending disasters predicted by ancient Mayans for 2012.

Ad of the Day: Hopps

If you’re young enough to be buying yourself a skateboard, odds are good you never bought your ice cream from a charming, cavalier gentleman decked out in 1950s garb and riding a red tricycle.

Ad for skateboarding parts gets bloody gory

Here’s a pretty fantastic visual created to promote Blood Orange Bushings, a small skateboard component being manufactured by Caliber Truck Co. (Bushings are what allow skateboards to bend from side […]

Ice Cube and skateboarding, together at last

When Ice Cube has a good day, it involves a lot of drugs, sex, gambling and basketball. When professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez has a good day, he apparently just rides […]