'Gooks of Hazzard' Shirt Blasted for Racial Slur

Skateboard brand's design 'unacceptable,' Asian rights group says

If you like retro TV and racist slurs, have we got the T-shirt for you. Baker Skateboards is taking some heat this week for its shirt called “The Gooks of Hazzard,” which refers to two Asian men as “good orr boys” driving a car called the General Li. The shirt probably doesn’t bother the two guys it depicts, whom we assume are pro skaters Don “The Nuge” Nguyen and Daniel “Shimeez” Shimizu. But it’s not sitting well with the Asian American Justice Center, which tells TMZ it’s “unacceptable for Baker Skateboards to create a depiction of Asian Americans which uses racial slurs and perpetuates racist stereotypes.” Our prediction: Non-skaters try to turn this into a cultural debate over self-referential racism, while skaters just laugh at the rest of us for being old and lame.