Ad of the Day: With Lexus’ Real Hoverboard, Skaters Have to Relearn Everything From Scratch

It works, but not on streets

Joining the surprisingly long list of organizations getting our hopes up about hoverboards is Lexus, which unveiled a prototype that the automaker has been hinting about since June.

The video for the Lexus Slide features skateboarder Ross McGouran—who normally skates for Vans, Element, Perus and SkatePharmacy—doing his best Marty McFly impression in a custom-built hoverpark full of magnetized ramps and bowls.

I have to say, this is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. I get that there's an entire cottage industry on the Internet based around Back to the Future nostalgia, and I know it's wearing thin, but this is one instance where it's warranted.

The Slide was built as a collaboration with U.K.-based agency CHI & Partners and a team of magnetic levitation scientists from IFW Dresden and evico GmbH. It uses liquid nitrogen-cooled semiconductors and magnets to hover over specially constructed surfaces.

It's similar to the prototype released by Hendo last year and uses much of the same technology (watch the behind-the-scenes video below to learn more).

Unfortunately, while the board is real, Lexus' demonstration is still just a marketing stunt, and we're unlikely to see a commercial hoverboard anytime soon. Campaign U.K. goes so far as to say, "Lexus has no intention of producing the hoverboard as a commercial product or developing the technology any further."

Lexus has said that this is a significant step forward, though, and hopefully Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox will live long enough to see it happen for real, because unveiling a consumer hoverboard without those two wouldn't be nearly as fun.