When Civilization Collapses, at Least You'll Have a Skateboard

Five apocalypse-proof deck sets hidden around the world

When the end days come, you're going to need a few key things to survive: fresh water, durable footwear and, of course, a thematically appropriate skateboard. Ohio-based agency Real Art Design Group has teamed up with Alien Workshop to create 50 "Skate Recolonization Kits" for the impending disasters predicted by ancient Mayans for 2012. Packed inside a branded, apocalypse-proof steel case, each $149.99 kit includes three decks illustrated with different possibilities for mankind's destruction: alien invasion, nuclear fallout and natural disaster. You'll also get a set of instructions called “So You're an Apocalypse Survivor." To build some buzz for this limited edition project, the team has buried five of the kits "around the planet." The first clue to finding one was dropped into the clip below, and it was promptly discovered yesterday. More clues will reportedly be posted to AlienWorkshop.com. Even if you're not interested in scouting out a secret skateboard cache, the promotional video might at least convince you that a zombie skateboard movie is worth making.