San Francisco

Taking Millennials at Face Value Will Derail Your Marketing Efforts to Reach Them

I've always had a problem with generational marketing, by which I mean the assumption that you can lump millions of people together just because they're more or less the same age. Generalization marketing might be a better term.

Airbnb Backs Down in Its Passive-Aggressive San Francisco Ad Campaign

It didn't take long for Airbnb to take down its tax-hating ads around San Francisco after many people criticized the short-term housing rental startup for publicly complaining about fulfilling its civic duty.

Imgur’s Office Vibe Is Fun and Funky, Just Like the Internet’s Favorite Photo Platform

If you ever want to know what the kids are up to these days, head over to Imgur. The 6-year-old image-sharing and hosting community is home to millions of images, […]

#ILookLikeAnEngineer Movement Sparks an Outpouring of Solidarity for Tech’s Diversity

To draw more talent, OneLogin recently came up with an innocuous campaign: a series of print ads featuring a few engineers, flanked by short testimonials about their working environments.Featured engineers were mostly men, but one was a woman. Her name is Isis Wenger. And she had no idea the impact her image would end up having.

In a Busy Week, PlayStation Teases Games, Touts Streaming Service and Hires a New Agency

It has been a busy week for Sony PlayStation.

LendingTree Hires Grey San Francisco to Expand the Brand’s Message

LendingTree is moving its creative business to Grey San Francisco from Merkley + Partners, the marketer's agency of nearly three years.Grey landed the assignment after a review that began with 11 agencies and came down to three finalists, sources said. It's not clear if Merkley defended. Annual measured media spending is around $20 million.

How Target Identifies the Hottest Retail Tech 18 Months Before It’s Cool

When Target opened its San Francisco innovation lab in 2012, the goal—as with most brands—was to work closely with tech startups to apply digital smarts to retail.

Meet 7 Brands That Are Building the Future of Digital Retail Through Innovation Labs

At first glance, Westfield San Francisco Centre appears to be a typical American shopping mall with the usual rotation of mass-market retailers, a food court and a movie theater. But perched on the top level is an office most shoppers probably don't know about that’s designing the next generation of retail, bearing little resemblance to the current setup.

San Francisco Passes ‘Airbnb Law’ for Short-Term Home Rentals

San Francisco has legalized short-term residential rentals, clearing the way for companies like Airbnb to operate legally in the city—though with a lot of caveats.

Why Settle for a Standing Desk When You Could Have This Giant Hamster Wheel?

Do you like the modern sensibility of a standing desk but wish it also served as a constant reminder of your work life's soul-crushing drudgery? Well then I've got good news.