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Responsive Websites Are Great for Users, but How Are the Ad Dollars Being Affected?

Since so many consumers hop from smartphone to desktop to tablet and back again multiple times a day, Web publishers have rushed to embrace responsive design: a technology that automatically resizes content to fit any screen.

Startup Pushes Pinterest-Like Native Ads Play

Every day, another company makes a foray into native advertising. But this latest one is less about editors and custom content.

Publishers Love Responsive Design, But There Are Imperfections

Publishers are in love with responsive design. But every new relationship has its challenges.

Undertone Releases Responsive Design Cross Platform Ad Format

As users spend more time on multiple devices (jumping from desktop computers to tablets to smartphones), marketers are interested in targeting consumers wherever their eyeballs happen to land, preferably without too much pain.

Time Moves to Responsive Design

Time magazine says it isn’t going to follow Newsweek’s move to a digital-only publication. But nor is it ignoring the shift towards mobile news reading. And so Oct.