Progressive Insurance

Ad of the Day: Homebuyers Start Turning Into Their Parents in Progressive’s New Ads

Some serious Mommy and Daddy issues are amusingly on display in Arnold Worldwide's latest campaign for Progressive insurance.

Brand of the Day: LeBron James Was Flo for Halloween, as Progressive Makes Them BFFs

Yes, LeBron James dressed up as Progressive's spokeswoman Flo for Halloween, but this isn't just a quick stunt. Nope.

Here Are Some Advertising Slogans. Do You Remember the Brands? [Video]

What's the last advertising slogan you remember?

Macy’s Is the First Retailer to Run Facebook’s Auto-Play Video Ads

Following a sprinkling of ads from brands in other categories, Macy's is the first retailer to roll out Facebook's auto-play video ads within mobile newsfeeds, Adweek has learned. A rep for the department store giant claimed there were two other merchant brands testing the platform, but didn't disclose names.

Ad of the Day: Progressive’s Baby Man Is About to Spit Up in Your Facebook Feed

Look out, Flo. There's a new babe in town.Actually, make that baby. Progressive Insurance is changing things up with a new campaign from Arnold featuring a wise-cracking man-child character and a new delivery platform—Facebook Premium Video Ads.

How to Build a Huge Video Site Overnight Through Unintentional Clicks

This past spring, a site called was one of the fastest growing video properties on the Web. It had come from out of nowhere to reach 7 million unique […]