DJ Khaled’s Positive Outlook and Accessibility Helped Make Him the ‘King of Snapchat’

King of Snapchat DJ Khaled wants you to know he's up to something. Of course, if you follow him on the wildly popular mobile platform, you already know that.

Ted Cruz’s Nomination Bid Begins With Web Domain Hijacking From the Left

The political story of the day comes with a guerrilla marketing sidebar.

Magna Global Eyes 6% Rise in U.S. Media Sales

Magna Global announced today that it revised its 2014 U.S. advertising forecast slightly upward, eyeing a 6 percent increase in overall media sales, for a total of $168 billion. The media agency previously had projected a lift of 5.5 percent, to $167.1 billion.

6 Buzziest Pro- and Anti-Obamacare Marketing Moments

GetInsured, a nine-year-old health insurance online retailer, gathered social media numbers for the various buzzy moments that have transpired around the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., Obamacare) during the last several months.

Obamacare Turns Hospitals Into Insurers, and Insurers Into Healthcare Providers

An elderly woman looks around her home fondly as she sings “There’s no place like home” in an advertising message for a service that helps senior citizens live a happy, healthy life in the place they love best—rather than a nursing home.

Obamacare Ads Enlist Your Mother

We've seen the president on Between Two Ferns, we've seen Billy Eichner quiz Olivia Wilde on the subject of "Obamacare or shut up," and now w

Consumer Confusion Slows Healthcare Exchange Ad Market

The confusion surrounding healthcare exchanges has had an unanticipated negative impact on the media sales business over the last few weeks.

Colorado’s Keg-Stand Ad for Obamacare Is Probably the Dumbest in the Nation

Hey, bro … what's a deductible?

Obamacare Provider’s $1.2M Effort Focuses on Social and Local Ads

The federal government may be shut down for the time being, but insurance providers planning to utilize 

Welcome to the New Face of Big Pharma

Justin, a 12-year-old with Type 1 diabetes, just started middle school and was bummed he had to regularly check his blood sugar between periods while his pals rushed to the next class. It’s exactly the kind of everyday problem that drives parents of diabetic kids batty.