Vinyl Records Are Now Outselling Digital Downloads in the UK

If you thought the vinyl record's comeback story was more buzz than business, consider the latest developments from across the pond.

Why Live Video Is Now a Must-Buy for Marketers and Brands

From sports to breaking news to the biggest music festivals in the world, live video gives consumers the experience of being in two places at once. Forget elbowing for space in a crowd or staying glued to your TV. These days, live video delivers two things really well: convenience and emotion.

Will This Megaconcert With the Stones, Dylan and The Who Really Pass Up Sponsors?

Frank Ocean’s Calvin Klein Ads Only Deepen Mystery Around the Enigmatic Singer

Frank Ocean. Singer, songwriter, magazine editor, underwear model. And now, perhaps, novelist. While fans lose their minds over whether the mysterious R&B singer's long-anticipated second album might, possibly, just maybe be released in July, he is providing a peek into his relationship with music, boxer briefs—and more subtly, long-form fiction writing—in a new Calvin Klein campaign.

How Iron Maiden Made the Boeing 747 Badass Again

Celebrity endorsements are a cornerstone of advertising nowadays, but an industrial manufacturing giant like Boeing seldom gets the chance to play that game. What celebrity is going to tout stuff like cargo hold capacity and cruising range?

Prince’s Most Inspirational Talent Was Mastering the Art of Surprise

What defines talent? Or lasting ideas? A legacy? Prince knew. From the beginning, he used surprise to his advantage. He surprised the experts in the recording studios with stunning ability on almost every instrument at a very young age.

Ad of the Day: Pandora Gives Real People the Brutal Task of Describing the Power of Music

Advertisers have been trying forever in commercials to communicate the power of music, and it's almost an impossible task.

DJ Khaled’s Positive Outlook and Accessibility Helped Make Him the ‘King of Snapchat’

King of Snapchat DJ Khaled wants you to know he's up to something. Of course, if you follow him on the wildly popular mobile platform, you already know that.

Donald Faison Is Head Counselor at ‘Camp Halftime’ in Pepsi’s Super Bowl Campaign

Pepsi is returning for its fourth year as title sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show. And on Wednesday it launched a new online video series called "Camp Halftime," comprised of weekly clips starring actor/comedian Donald Faison, who schools counselors on how to produce a flawless halftime spectacle on the big day.

Why The Beatles Needed Digital Streaming to Maintain Their Brand

The Beatles' shareholders—Universal Music Group, mainly, nowadays—could no longer believe in yesterday when it comes to the online distribution of pop music's most iconic brand.