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What It’s Like to Buy Snap Inc.’s $140 Spectacles in New York

Getting your hands on a pair of Snap Inc.'s Spectacles is the equivalent of striking gold for early tech adopters, but you better be prepared to work for them—even the president of Snapchat's ad agency Truffle Pig had to fight to get a pair.

8 Stats That Show How Huge an Opportunity Instagram Is for Sports Marketers

When people think of Instagram influencers, many of them automatically conjure up images of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. But marketers should know that sports is absolutely huge on the image-based app. 

Foursquare Is Now Running Video Ads on Its Swarm App

Foursquare is currently running video ads on its Swarm app for Herradura Ultra, a Brown-Forman tequila brand made by the Tequila Herradura distillery in Mexico.

Facebook’s New Button Placement Makes Live Video Incredibly Easy for Mobile Users

Facebook users started noticing Wednesday night that the company had placed its live video button in an extremely accessible spot on its mobile app.

3 Tips and Tricks for Thriving and Winning in the Scrolling Economy

Today's media landscape is undergoing enormous, exciting change. In many ways, we have evolved from a "social first" to "social only" strategy.

As Publisher Reach on Facebook Goes Down, Video Is Going Way Up

Even as Facebook plans on de-emphasizing publisher-posted content in users' news feeds in favor of posts from friends and family, video seems to be on the way up.

Eye Tracking Shows Mobile Video Ads Embedded in Articles Perform Better Than on Social

A new report that used eye tracking to understand user engagement with mobile video suggests certain types of video ads on publishers' websites perform better than those on social media.

YouTube Is Introducing New Ways to Help Small Businesses Make Better Video Ads

YouTube wants to turn video ads on its platform into a DIY possibility for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Pandora Is Overhauling Its Ads to Amp Up Native Video for Mobile Users

Pandora is overhauling its ads to create a more dynamic experience for some 80 million monthly users—blending images and sound, and integrating native video into its mobile experience.

MTV’s First Snapchat Series Dishes Out Sex Education in 10 Seconds or Less

MTV is betting big on Snapchat as a way to remain relevant with teenagers, starting with its first series created specifically for the app.