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8 Surprising and Noteworthy Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

The last several days provided an array of digital marketing data points, with figures aplenty about consumers' search habits, mobile habits, social platforms, bad ads, chat bots and more. The following eight stats particularly got our attention. 

Michael Phelps, Businessman: The World’s Greatest Olympian Writes His Second Act

Michael Phelps had a better 2016 than you.

Ad of the Year: How Droga5, Under Armour and Michael Phelps Made a Masterpiece

How do you make an ad about invisibility?It's an absurd idea, particularly for a sports ad. Sports is about performance and the ultimate visibility of battle. Not someone receding from view.

Michael Phelps and Danny McBride Go to Outer Space for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

With global temperatures rising and the most obscene U.S. presidential election in recent memory taking place, 2016 might feel like the worst year ever. But whether you're an average joe on the street or celebrity swimmer Michael Phelps, Call of Duty's new game, Infinite Warfare, is ready to help you escape.The new live-action trailer for the Activision title opens on a young man beset by dire news reports. Beside himself, he does the only reasonably thing. He hops in a spaceship and takes off from Earth altogether.

An All-Star Cast Pitches String-Free Headphones in Anomaly’s First Work for Beats by Dre

Last month, when Apple announced that its latest iPhone would lose the headphone jack in favor of bluetooth headphones, some consumers weren't so fond of the choice.

Intel Brings Back #PhelpsFace in New Spots Starring Jim Parsons and Michael Phelps

For a hot minute during the Rio Olympics, the #PhelpsFace meme, born from Michael Phelps' scowling reaction to a rival swimmer's pre-race shadowboxing routine, was all the rage.

Triumph, Cuteness and Controversy Make the Olympics a Messy Mix on Social Media

Thursday's buzziest moments from the Summer Olympics were a strange mix of triumph, cuteness and controversy.

Simone Biles’ Insane Signature Move Blew Up Social Media on Olympics Day 6

Day six of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro was full of plenty of historic moments in swimming, rugby and gymnastics. Take a look at the four buzziest moments as part of Adweek's daily social recaps with data from social media analytics company 4C.

Why Under Armour’s Michael Phelps Ad Is One of the Most Shared Olympics Spots Ever

This summer, Michael Phelps is swimming for his last time at the Olympics and collecting a few more gold medals along the way.

Here Are the 4 Buzziest Moments From Olympics Day 5

Team USA basketball, British diving and Michael Phelps lit up social media on Wednesday, according to analytics company 4C, which is breaking down the top moments for Adweek every day through the games.4C's stats crunch retweets, comments and likes to determine which events generated the most engagement. Take a look at Wednesday's four buzziest moments below.