Ad of the Day: Aaron Paul Guns It in Mazda’s Time-Traveling New Spot

Zoom zoom, bitches!Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul contributes an awesome voiceover to "A Driver's Life," the first spot in Mazda North America's new "Driving Matters" campaign.

Why Some Low-Rated TV Shows Keep Getting Renewed

Judgment day has arrived.

These 3-D Mobile Ads Are Grabbing Brands’ Attention

What if there were a mobile ad that made viewers feel like they were inside a smartphone instead of just looking at one? What if the ad seemed to jump out as the user scrolled down, offering a three-dimensional perspective? Sound like the future? Well, the future may be closer than it seems.

Here Are Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMOs of 2014

Male chief marketing officers on Forbes' third annual Appinions CMO Influence Study, which was released today, are 22 percent more influential than their female peers.

Toyota Sees 45% Boost in Traffic Through Targeted Mobile Ads

The automotive industry has long been viewed as the sweet spot for location-based marketing, with campaigns that track all parts of the car-buying process. But brands have been reluctant to publicize results tied to these efforts, especially when they include geo-conquesting—the tactic of poaching shoppers from the lots of competing dealers.

Mazda Rolls Out New Miata via Fashion Rocks Microsite

Mazda is launching a new microsite today that will unveil the 2016 MX-5 Miata roadster. The site will be tied to Fashion Rocks, a live TV show celebrating the world of fashion and music, that will air on Sept.

How Social and Email Helped Mazda’s Limited-Edition Preorders Sell Out Crazy Fast

Mazda bet big on social and email to tap into the classic roadster’s fervid fan base for its first all-digital pre-sale event to build buzz around a line of limited-edition MX-5 Miata cars.

Capitol Music’s Brand Partnership Director Talks About How Marketing and Music Are Changing

Specs Who Zoë Sonquist King

Top 10 Auto Brands for Sprint Subscribers

Automotive brands have long circled the field of Google marketing like robins on a worm hunt, trying to snatch up consumers and drive them to lead-generation landing pages.

Samsung Steals the Show With Demo of New Galaxy S5

Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone is off and running, with a basic demo spot showcasing the phone's features easily the most-viewed brand video on YouTube this week.