Why Legendary Fashion Photographer Mario Testino Is Embracing Digital Media

Specs Current gig Fashion photographer, philanthropist and founder of creative agency MarioTestino+ Instagram @mariotestino

Why the Gucci Loafer Is a Shoe-In for the World’s Swankest Slip-On

On the World of Gucci Web page, visitors can shop the collection, watch runway videos, visit the Gucci Pet page and click through a slideshow that shows just how big the world of Gucci is.

Robert Pattinson Has Become a Man [Video]

Hello! Lauren again. ... Have you ever wondered what's really going on with all those ads we've been seeing lately? I've been doing some real detective work this week, getting to the bottom of men's perfume ads and guess what? I cracked the code: Skinny Handsome Dude + Black and White + Tuxedo = Glamour. Who do you suppose they are trying to get to? Me?

Details Uses Bloggers for Native Advertising

In the latest example of a publisher blurring the line between advertising and editorial, Details is tapping its Details Network, a collective of 150 men’s style bloggers who share their work with the magazine’s website, to create content for advertisers.

Gucci Wins Battle of Dresses at the Oscars, Thanks to Jennifer Garner

The battle of the Oscar dresses appears to have gone to Gucci, at least when it comes to getting people talking on social media.

Gucci Tries ‘Pinnable’ Banner Ads

Here's a new definition for wasting time: pinning Gucci ads online. The marketer has begun sticking "Pin it" buttons on its fall/winter 2012 Web banners. Clicking through reveals larger ad images and product photos to share via Pinterest.

Magazines Betting Big on Social Media

As their readers are spending more time online, publishers are trying to make social networking work for their advertisers.With a program launching Sept. 1, Marie Claire is betting that if readers are fans of the magazine, they will like its advertisers, too.

Gucci Goes Back to the Well With Frank Miller Spot

Frank Miller's new ad for Gucci's Guilty cologne looks suspiciously like Frank Miller's old ad for Gucci's Guilty cologne. You know, the one from last fall that seemed to impress, well, nobody, at least not on a creative level. The former, for the chick-targeted perfume, had Evan Rachel Wood in a flame-throwing convertible.

Frank Miller crafts Frank Miller-y Gucci film

Frank Miller's first directing gig since The Spirit is an upcoming short film for Gucci's "Guilty" fragrance, for which the trailer is below. The mini-movie, which gives Miller another venue […]