GoPro Launches Its First Scripted TV Ad, Part of Its Biggest Global Campaign to Date

For years, GoPro has taken a user-centric approach to its advertising, packaging submitted content for TV spots that have run everywhere from YouTube to the Super Bowl.

This GoPro User Created an Oddly Intimate Video From the Bits That Usually Get Edited Out

If you've ever recorded yourself, you know that there are few things more awkward and vulnerable than those first and last moments. Even if you're comfortable on camera, there's a singular strangeness in starting or ending a clip where you're either in frame or scanning around to find the best angle. As a result, most of us understandably edit those parts out of the finished product. But not Tyce Hoskins. The young art director and filmmaker realized there's an intimacy and honesty in these beginnings and endings, so he edited together his own such moments into a 2-minute video, which he calls GoPro & I:

Animals Try Extreme Sports in GoPro’s Fun Ad Tied to The Secret Life of Pets

You probably know your pug's idea of a good time is snatching a hot dog from some hapless man. You might not know the lengths to which your pug is willing to go to get there.

Red Bull and GoPro Team Up to Create More High-Flying Videos

Red Bull and GoPro have informally been in cahoots for years, and today they are publicly declaring a relationship that's expanding in multiple ways.

GoPro’s Regional Super Bowl Ad Shows Adventurous Users Hitting Slopes and Hugging Bears

GoPro has its own Big Game message: "Let's go!"

Periscope Is Now Livestreaming GoPro Footage

Action-oriented videographers now have a new venue for broadcasting their daring footage in real time: Periscope. 

GoPro CEO Says Someday Soon, Its YouTube Videos Could Have VR Viewing Options

GoPro has built its business around equipping everyday consumers with the tools they need to create jaw-dropping videos. Now, it's betting on 360-degree viewing to keep people watching clips.

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Here Are 6 Must-See Tech Categories for Marketers at CES

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