Animals Try Extreme Sports in GoPro’s Fun Ad Tied to The Secret Life of Pets

Mostly in pursuit of food

You probably know your pug's idea of a good time is snatching a hot dog from some hapless man. You might not know the lengths to which your pug is willing to go to get there.

Canine criminal genius features prominently in this a new ad jointly promoting camera brand GoPro and the upcoming feature film The Secret Life of Pets. The two-minute spot pairs live-action footage of humans engaging in extreme sports with special animations of their furry counterparts doing the same—like Mel, the barrel-shaped, squashed-face dog who will happily bungee jump from a city rooftop to better grab a frankfurter from his unsuspecting prey below.

GoPros adorn the heads of humans and animals alike—a wingsuit flyer parallels a hotshot parakeet (perhaps, in the end, not as brave as he might fancy himself); a pair of skateboarders set up a clip of another airborne stunt caper (it's only natural that dogs would use their newfound action powers to steal as many different kinds of food as possible); a bipedal surfer gives way to a guinea pig shooting the curl in a bathtub (though it's hard to imagine that the rodent enjoys being wet quite that much).

It's a fun little idea drawing on GoPro's status as an action sports brand, and a tool for people who want to shoot video from their pets' perspectives. A shot at the end, featuring the film's animated cast huddled around a laptop, is meant to plug GoPro's editing (it's so easy to use, even your dog can do it)—a capstone that might be cheesy if it weren't so carefree.

Mostly, it's a good fit for the movie, which examines the deeply philosophical question of what domesticated animals do when their humans leave them alone. (Hollywood answer: They end up on crazy wild adventures. Real-life answer: Not so cheery.) Due in theaters July 8, the film was created by Illumination Entertainment, the production company behind the Despicable Me series.

The more important question though, is why the budgie isn't picking up some Dunkin' Donuts during its base jump. 

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.