Forever 21

Forever 21 Unveils a Giant, Crazy Machine That Re-creates Your Instagram Photos in Thread

If you want to see your next selfie brought to life as a real-time mosaic of moving thread, Forever 21 and Breakfast are happy to help—and the results are pretty stunning.About a year and half ago, the Los Angeles-based clothing retailer hired the Brooklyn agency to build from scratch a giant, digitally synced adjustable billboard made of cloth, wood and aluminum, to name a few materials—the contraption includes some 200,000 parts, with 6.7 miles of fabric. And now, it's ready to launch.

Here Are the Brands Whose Follower Counts Were Hit Hardest in Instagram’s Spam Purge

The great Instagram purge of the past 24 hours hit Justin Bieber hardest—3.5 million lost followers—but some of social media's biggest brands felt the sting of loss, too.

The Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Hated Clothing Brand

You may not have heard of Lasse Hansen, Carter Czech or James Flook, but chances are you’ve seen them naked. Or nearly so. How? You’ve seen their chiseled torsos in the stores, bags and ads of Abercrombie & Fitch.

NBA Player Sleds Down From Great Wall of China on Instagram

If you ever go to the Great Wall of China and enjoy either rollercoasters or bobsledding, the Sacramento Kings' Ryan Hollins has a pro travel tip: take the luge down the mount

8 Brands Collectively Rejoice To Twitter’s Gif Giving

Brands have gone Gif crazy now that Twitter enabled the playful animation feature.The new media format is the latest rage on the social messaging platform with everyone from Arby's to Forever 21 posting their best bursts of creativity. (Arby's thought it would comment on two phenomenon at once with a World Cup-inspired Gif of a curly fry scoring a goal.)

Nearly One-Quarter of Shoppers Plan to Shop on Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving is still the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season, but the holiday itself is starting to become the new Black Friday as a growing number of stores including Macy’s, Best Buy and JCPenney plan to open their doors for the first time this year. And apparently it won’t be for naught.

Forever 21 Appeals to Girls Who Are ‘Allergic to Algebra’

Forever 21 is whizzing on the same electric fence that JCPenney did by selling a T-shirt that tells girls it ain't cool to be smart.