Robert Smigel on Bringing ‘Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’ to the RNC and DNC for Hulu

In an unbelievable presidential election brimming with hilarious, incisive political comedy from late-night hosts and other comics, some of this year's best political satire came from Triumph's Election Special 2016.

The Top 3 TV Moments From the Trump and Clinton Acceptance Speeches

While the two political conventions have brought blockbuster ratings to TV, there are a handful of "moments" from the four-

Twitter Was Far More Positive During Hillary’s Speech Than It Was During Trump’s

On Thursday night, as the world watched Hillary Clinton become the first woman to accept the nomination for president of a major U.S. political party, a stark difference emerged in the sentiment across Twitter.

Instagram Built an Adorably Small Oval Office for the Conventions

Tonight, Hillary Clinton will make her case at the Democratic National Convention for why she belongs in the White House. But for the past few days, hundreds of others have been testing out a different—and much smaller—Oval Office.

Snapchat and Visit Philadelphia Have Geofilters All Over the City for the DNC

Snapchat, which four years ago was still known to many as a sexting app, is now going all in on politics. This week, for the Democratic National Convention, it has filters all over Philadelphia.

Why One Philly Agency Is Changing Its Name During the Democratic National Convention

From email leaks to buzzworthy speeches by Michelle Obama and Sarah Silverman, the Democratic National Convention is already grabbing plenty of headlines from Philadelphia this week, and a local agency is hoping to add one more. Philadelphia-based Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners is temporarily changing its name to Blue Tettemer O'Connell + Partners in honor of the DNC. 

Twitter Will Livestream CBS News’ Coverage of the Republican and Democratic Conventions

Twitter and CBS are planning to livestream the Republican and Democratic National Conventions later this month.

Bill O’Reilly Thinks Obama and Trump—’If He Wins’—Will Be 21st Century Legends

Specs Who Bill O'Reilly Current gig Anchor of the The O'Reilly Factor and executive producer of Legends & Lies Age 66

Bernie Sanders Runs The New York Times’ First Takeover Ad for a Political Candidate

Bernie Sanders is running a desktop takeover ad on The New York Times' website through midnight as the Democratic presidential candidate readies to battle Hillary Clinton in a debate in Brooklyn tonight.

Samsung Looks to Steal iPhone Thunder on Twitter

For users, Twitter’s all about the moment. For marketers, Twitter’s increasingly about hijacking the moment from competitors through the social site’s Promoted Tweet ads. That’s why it will be worth a peek here and there today (Sept.