Why One Philly Agency Is Changing Its Name During the Democratic National Convention

Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners goes 'Blue'

From email leaks to buzzworthy speeches by Michelle Obama and Sarah Silverman, the Democratic National Convention is already grabbing plenty of headlines from Philadelphia this week, and a local agency is hoping to add one more. Philadelphia-based Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners is temporarily changing its name to Blue Tettemer O'Connell + Partners in honor of the DNC. 

Although there are plenty of Democratic supporters at the agency, the new moniker isn't necessarily a political statement or a show of support for the Democrats, said Steve Red, RTO+P's president and chief creative officer, who is going by "Steve Blue" during the DNC.

"It's more of a celebration of Philly, and our town, and the DNC being there," Red told Adweek. "We were in a meeting and were talking about all of the Democrats coming into town, and the craziness that was going to ensue, and someone, out of the blue—no pun intended—said we should change the name of the agency."

The new name appears on RTO+P's website and social channels. The agency's receptionists are answering the phone differently this week and its employees' email signatures carry the new name.

Red, himself, actually didn't stay in Philadelphia for the DNC, instead choosing to hightail it to RTO+P's Santa Monica, Calif., office for the week to avoid the convention's chaotic atmosphere.

"I've heard from the folks back home that it's pretty nutty, but in a good way," he said. "We love Philly in so many ways, and it's a proud moment for us, so we thought we'd join in the fun."