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Here’s How Brands Can Connect With College Students Throughout the School Year

As students across the country head back to school after a few months of relaxation, global media agency UM partnered with Chegg to help brands better understand how they can connect with 18 to 24-year-olds as they make the transition away from beach vacations and back to papers and exams.

Slow-Motion Baby Chickens Fall From the Sky in Cutest and Saddest Easter Ad Ever

Male chicks are adorable, majestic, tragically doomed waste products in this student-created ad that PETA loved enough to turn into an official spot. German director Djawid Hakimyar tells AdFreak the story behind this Easter-themed spec ad that he and his fellow film school students created and donated to the anti-cruelty organization: "We rescued three male chicks from a hatchery in Germany. Usually they would have been killed by a grinder or gas. We shot just half an hour with them on a farm with a Phantom Flex camera and a blue-screen background. The three little male chicks now live free on this small farm. "After we finished the 'Flying Chicks' ad, we showed it to PETA and they loved our work. We and the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg donated the ad to PETA and they will spread it in a couple of days on the Internet."

Do This to Make College Kids Remember Your Ad

If you want to get into college kids' limited coffers, you might want to make them LOL. Eighty percent of higher-education students remember ads that make them laugh, says research by textbook rentals brand Chegg.