Clients Are Demanding Better Agency Collaboration. Here Are 5 Ways to Get There

I finally watched the Steve Jobs movie the other night and truly pondered his genius and the impact he made on the world. When I broke into the business, we used electric typewriters that had the ability to erase a single letter. Times have indeed changed.

3 Collaborative Ways the Ad Industry Can Embrace Emerging Tech

The client/agency/vendor model continues to be flipped on its head every day. Case in point: Late last month, Adweek published a story about the uptick in West Coast agencies building out their own virtual reality labs for experimentation.

4A’s Celebrates Collaboration in New Awards Program

The 4A's ended day one of its Transformation Conference on a collaborative note, handing out new awards that celebrate partnerships among agencies and between agencies and marketers.

Infographic: 8 Types of ‘Working Dead’ Zombies Plaguing Your Productivity

Next time you hear someone complain they can't do good marketing for a product because it's "too boring," show them this infographic for enterprise work management software AtTask.Collaboration software is usually dry as a bone, but the team at AtTask created "The Working Dead" to share easily digestible bits of human flesh survey data about how poor workplace performance is linked to poor project management. Check out the graphic below. Which kind of zombie is plaguing your office—Shufflers, Crawlers or those pain-in-the-ass Howlers?

Chevy and AT&T Need Help Understanding All Their Data

Among marketing chiefs, it's a familiar refrain: We're awash in data about consumers and our products, but what does it all mean?

Mondelez’s Dana Anderson Says Generosity Is Key to Creativity

With her signature mixture of humor and mindfulness, Mondelez marketing chief Dana Anderson generated laughs and knowing nods this morning at the 4A's Transformation Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif.