How Activision’s Justin Taylor Leverages Listening to Fuel the Future of Gaming

Call Of Duty is engrained in the gaming industry as one of the best games of all time with a passionate community that rivals the fan-base of most major sports leagues. Activision’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing Justin Taylor applies his learnings from working at top agencies like 72 & Sunny and TBWA/Chiat/Day LA along with his time at Nike Basketball to help push the boundaries of what marketing can accomplish for a brand. Here, Justin shares his tips for success—from learning outside the office to constantly listening to his audience on Twitter, Twitch, and in-game to applying the motivating advice that Kobe Bryant once gave him.

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@JeremySchumann With an unconventional background working in addiction recovery in South America, Jeremy Schumann is a brand marketer and strategist who has led marketing campaigns for top global brands ranging from Make-A-Wish, Nike and Uber Eats to Airbnb, Facebook and Google.