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The Shorty Awards Is Launching a New Show Dedicated to Cause Marketing Campaigns

More and more brands are investing in cause marketing efforts—so much so that the social good category was the most entered one at the 2016 Shorty Awards, which rec

5 Global Activists Whose Social Media Posts Will Inspire You to Change the World

Thanks to social media, today we have a nearly endless number of windows into parts of the world we'd normally never see. You just need to know where to look. […]

Life After the Ice Bucket: Can the ALS Association Repeat Its Unexpected Viral Success?

3 Surprising Lessons a Major Nonprofit Learned When It Analyzed Its Advertising

Nonprofits rarely have the luxury of big advertising budgets, and it's not often they get a chance to analyze whether their ads are working. But a new study may help shed some light on the kinds of ads that actually help drive donations.

How Iconic Charities Like Red Cross and United Way Are Trying to Win Over Millennial Donors

Some of the country's most iconic nonprofits have struggled to raise money in the past few years while a new breed of philanthropic organization is thriving thanks in large part to its appeal to millennial donors.

Introducing Adweek’s Cause Marketing Report, Mapping the New World of Charitable Giving

It's an exciting and nerve-wracking time to be working in the nonprofit world, which is rapidly being reshaped by technology, generational shifts and emerging cultural priorities.

How Brands Became the Most Powerful Advocates in Today’s Battle for LGBT Equality

This spring, North Carolina and Mississippi came under fire for passing laws that many felt were discriminatory against gay, lesbian and transgender residents.

Infographic: A Look at the Millions of Lives Saved and Improved by the Gates Foundation

A few years ago, Bill Gates—who, with a personal worth of some $75 billion, remains the wealthiest man on the planet—said something interesting about money: He didn't need it anymore.

Nonprofits Are Learning That Whisper’s Anonymity Can Be a Force for Good

Last fall, Adobe and the Ad Council wanted to put a new twist on anti-bullying campaigns by targeting teenage witnesses, not victims.

How Virtual Reality Is Inspiring Donors to Dig Deep for Charitable Causes