5 Global Activists Whose Social Media Posts Will Inspire You to Change the World

Thanks to social media, today we have a nearly endless number of windows into parts of the world we'd normally never see. You just need to know where to look.  

The five Instagram and Twitter users below leverage social media to showcase their passion projects through breathtaking photos and heartbreaking stories. These activists offer great examples of how to generate awareness and inspire strong, engaged groups of followers for causes. 

They go beyond hashtag activism and travel to the areas where help is needed most—whether that's a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan or an impoverished village in Africa—for an inside look at issues. Their feeds juxtapose violence and suffering with moments of joy and elation, even introducing Westerners to pastimes like volleyball soccer.

Following these activists will give you a constant source of new perspectives—and might even inspire you to help make a difference: