The Egyptian Sun God Ra Shines as a Pitchman for SolarCity

Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun god, returns to illuminate mortals about SolarCity's alternative energy solutions in a warped new commercial from Arnold Worldwide.

Snuggle, Jockey, Jolly Time Get Nostalgic in New Ads

Vintage. Classic. Throwback Thursday (#tbt). Flashback Friday (#fbf). It’s hip to be nostalgic these days.

Preparing for the Political Ad Push

Between now and Nov. 6, there will be nowhere to hide from the onslaught of political advertising set to hit more than $3.3 billion on TV. Behind the scenes at TV stations, traffic managers are juggling buys from presidential, House, Senate and gubernatorial campaigns, not to mention those put forth by various Super PACs.

IVillage Gamifies Publishing With Rewards Program

From check-in apps to social TV campaigns, companies and brands love handing out badges as a back-pat for user engagement. But do users even care for a digital version of the gold stars they’d earn in kindergarten?

SunBriteTV Names The Buddy Group Digital AOR

Outdoor TV manufacturer SunBriteTV has hired independent shop The Buddy Group as its digital agency of record. The Irvine, Calif.-based agency is charged with handling social media for the company’s first consumer-facing integrated campaign to launch in the spring.

Getting Ad Briefs Down to a Science

Ad briefs—the physical assignment a client sends to its agency confirming details of a campaign—are a pain for both parties involved. Agencies complain they’re too vague; clients lose time and money if the resulting campaign doesn’t reflect their desires.