Cadillac’s Fashion and Film Exhibit Celebrates Iconic Calvin Klein Ads

Cadillac is continuing to align itself to the fashion and art worlds with a new exhibit that pays homage to fashion photographer Richard Avedon and explores the art of advertising, with behind-the-scenes looks at the iconic ads he shot for Chanel and Calvin Klein in the 1970s, '80s and '90s.

Cadillac Is Your Great-Grandfather’s Car, and Here’s Why Its CMO Is Cool With That

Uwe Ellinghaus hates clichés. As CMO of Cadillac, his main directive is to avoid them: no ads with SUVs zooming down a mountain, or a litany of hot features.

Cadillac Is Driving Goop Readers to Dinner With Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali

Cadillac has been positioning itself as an upscale, fashion-forward luxury brand, first by moving from Detroit to New York in 2014 and then 

Cadillac’s NYC Art and Fashion House Is Designed to Lure Customers Without the Hard Sell

Many brands are ditching traditional marketing tactics and creating interactive spaces to connect with potential customers, minus the sales pitch. And the latest example is Cadillac House, a permanent space highlighting the brand's intersection with art, fashion and design.

Cadillac Ditches ‘Generic Backdrops’ and Other Car Ad Clichés in Its Oscars Spots

Luxury car ads are stuck in a sea of sameness: An SUV plows through the snow; a sedan navigates a twisting mountain road before zooming across a bridge. But Cadillac is ditching those tropes in the ads it's debuting during Sunday's Academy Awards.

The Oscars Is Still an All-Star Destination for Advertisers

Actors, directors and costume designers aren't the only ones poised to score on Hollywood's biggest night. The Oscars remains one of the most important events of the year for advertisers.

Marketers Should Look Beyond the Dazzle of CGI and Embrace Storytelling

One day this fall, thanks to an Internet rabbit hole I happened to tumble down, I saw an Audi commercial, "Birth," which had come out six months earlier. That's dog years in today's world, so why did this particular ad stop me cold?

How Doug Ellin Turned Entourage Into the New Paragon of Product Placement

For filmmaker Doug Ellin, who is as passionate about cars as he is movies, it was love at first sight.

Forget New York and Paris—Fashion Weeks Are Found From Seattle to Stockholm

The fashion forward are not limited to the runways of Paris, Milan and New York. Welcome to Fashion Week—in Hoboken. As in New Jersey. Also, Seattle, Tampa, Phoenix, Austin, Brooklyn and Omaha.

Can Cadillac Move Back Into the Luxury Lane?

When Cadillac announced last fall that it was leaving Detroit for New York's SoHo district, critics groused that the 113-year-old nameplate was desperate for some hipster chic to rub off.