This Bot Analyzes Trump’s Tweets About Brands, Then Shorts Their Stocks

For better or worse, brands are trying to stay out of Trump's tweets. When the president criticized General Motors for making Cruze models in Mexico on Twitter earlier this month,

How Iron Maiden Made the Boeing 747 Badass Again

Celebrity endorsements are a cornerstone of advertising nowadays, but an industrial manufacturing giant like Boeing seldom gets the chance to play that game. What celebrity is going to tout stuff like cargo hold capacity and cruising range?

Eastern Air Lines Is Staging a Comeback After 25 Years on the Ground

Thursday, May 29, 2015 was an ordinary day at Miami International Airport, except for Flight 3145. After the Boeing 737-800 lifted off, flight attendants began serving soft drinks and plantain chips. The plane's destination, 42 minutes away, was Havana, Cuba. Surprising? So was the carrier. It was Eastern Air Lines.

Apple CarPlay, Boeing Black Phone Revealed in New Videos

We got a closer look at two titillating technologies today. And both Apple’s CarPlay and Boeing’s Black Phone are the next level of secret agent style.

When Airlines All Look Alike, What’s a Marketer to Do?

If there’s one thing that keeps a marketer awake at night, it’s commoditization—a nasty little bug that reduces a brand’s personality to the anonymous essentials of its segment. Put another way, it’s when a consumer believes it doesn’t matter what brand he buys, they’re all the same.

Perspective: Snoring in Your Seat

It’s not often that an airframe manufacturer needs to trouble with direct-to-consumer advertising. After all, few shoppers flipping through a magazine have $332.9 million to drop on a new 747. But there are exceptions (Boeing, in this case) when an aviation giant has turned out a plane so influential it can’t resist buzzing the rooftops.

Emirates Airline Launches U.S. TV Ad Campaign

Emirates Airline has launched a national television campaign in the United States, the airline's creative agency StrawberryFrog announced today.

For Winsor, crowdsourcing is a family affair

You have to hand it to John Winsor, former Crispin exec and founder of Victors & Spoils. He really walks the walk when it comes to his belief in the […]