Benefit Cosmetics

3 Male Beauty Influencers Talk YouTube, Fans and Finally Getting Brand Recognition

Big beauty brands are finally recognizing the boys in the business.

Miss Cleo Is Standing By to Take Your Call to Benefit Cosmetics

Between 1997 and 2003, you probably fell asleep to psychic Miss Cleo telling you, in her upbeat Jamaican accent, that she could predict your future during her infamous Psychic Readers Network infomercials. Now, this April Fools' Day, the pitchwoman is back. But instead of reading tarot cards, she's trading makeup tips.Miss Cleo is now apparently shilling for the Benefit Cosmetics Flawless Friends Network, a hotline that compliments your look. And this time, your calls to her number, 1-844-SO-FLAWLESS, won't cost you $9.95 a minute. While she gets it makes fun of her most famous role, she's totally on board with the prank. 

The 10 Hottest Branded Instagram Videos of the Week

Benefit Cosmetics has gotten to the bottom of at least one way to rock an Instagram video—by playfully featuring the derrieres of a cute young lady in a baton twirler's outfit and a nearby muscle-bound dude taking a shower (the latter is nearly NSFW).

With New Contest, Cosmetics Brand Rewards Inner Beauty Over Hot Selfies

A cosmetics company telling its fans to focus on inner beauty? That sounds a bit like Krispy Kreme urging patrons to sign up for Pilates classes, but it seems to be working.

Jersey Shore Star Shows Off His Package (of Mascara) in Cosmetics Spot

Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore stars as a well-endowed yoga hunk in this decidedly unique Benefit Cosmetics spot for They're Real! mascara. The ad opens to hunky dude ogling, which is oh so trendy right now. But it wastes no time focusing right on their man candy, as all the ladies around them become visibly excited.

Cosmetics Company Tries Insulting Customers With Acerbic Makeup Cop

Benefit Cosmetics, a California beauty brand, is trying to market makeup through humor. In its new spot by Portal A, Sarah Colonna, a comedian from Chelsea Lately, bops about on a Segway in a police uniform doing beauty busts in the most insulting way she can—often leaving her victims gasping in shock.