Miss Cleo Is Standing By to Take Your Call to Benefit Cosmetics

She sees beauty products in your future

Between 1997 and 2003, you probably fell asleep to psychic Miss Cleo telling you, in her upbeat Jamaican accent, that she could predict your future during her infamous Psychic Readers Network infomercials. Now, this April Fools' Day, the pitchwoman is back. But instead of reading tarot cards, she's trading makeup tips.

Miss Cleo is now apparently shilling for the Benefit Cosmetics Flawless Friends Network, a hotline that compliments your look. And this time, your calls to her number, 1-844-SO-FLAWLESS, won't cost you $9.95 a minute. While she gets it makes fun of her most famous role, she's totally on board with the prank. 

"Laughter is truly the best healer," she tells AdFreak. "It's the best way to celebrate. I love to laugh. I think that if anybody takes themselves too seriously, you run the risk of missing out on a lot of wonderful things."

Don't believe her? You can also hear testimonials from Shannen Doherty and Joey Lawrence, who make cameos in the ad. (As for me, I'm a firm believer in Miss Cleo's predictive power. The psychic told me I'm a sensitive soul on my third life, which gives me the ability to take a concept and make it happen at top-level quality. Totally true.)


Client: Benefit Cosmetics

Vice President, Brand, Digital Marketing: Nicole Frusci

Executive Producer, Director: Claudia Allwood

Creative Director: Adriana Parada

Audio Producer: Laurin Hicks

Talent Casting, Management: The Eighth Floor Communications

Video Production Team

Producer: Danny Skarka

Scriptwriter: Brandon Snider

Postproduction Supervisor: Blake Padilla

Motion Graphics: Jimmy Giliberti

Los Angeles Director of Photography: Lew Abramson

Los Angeles Audio: Tom Curley

Miami Director of Photography: Gianfranco Bianchi

Miami Audio: Jeff Alex Thomas

Editor: Loren Sorensen

Hotline Production

Scriptwriter: Janie Stolar

Sound Engineer: Dexter Paulino

Talent: Cleo Harris, Shannen Doherty, Joey Lawrence

Los Angeles Makeup: Penelope Vazquez

Los Angeles Hair: Marisa Newacheck

Miami Makeup: Courtney Christopherson

Hotline created by IfByPhone, Chicago

Recorded at Aesthesia Studio, Los Angeles; Graphographics, Miami

Edited at DigitalCore, San Francisco

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