With New Contest, Cosmetics Brand Rewards Inner Beauty Over Hot Selfies

Encouraging girls to be more positive

A cosmetics company telling its fans to focus on inner beauty? That sounds a bit like Krispy Kreme urging patrons to sign up for Pilates classes, but it seems to be working.

The "Inner Beauty Challenge" from California-based Benefit Cosmetics presents girls with a new daily challenge that celebrates, you guessed it, inner beauty. Challenges range from "Post Positivity" to "Lend a Hand," with video encouragement from a popular beauty vlogger or even a Hollywood celebrity like "Jessie" star Debby Ryan. The promotion is co-sponsored by actress Brittany Snow's nonprofit, Love Is Louder, dedicated to encouraging positivity among young women.

Participants post a photo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #innerbeauties, and thanks to the brand's popularity and the star power it recruited, quite a few entries have been submitted. Prizes include cosmetic kits ranging in price from $200 to $600. 

It's an interesting statement from a brand whose success is dependent on women purchasing cosmetics to enhance or improve their appearance. I like this approach from Benefit, especially for girls who are growing up in an era of Instagram selfies and pretty-people-on-the-Internet overload. It gives off a "makeup is important, but not that important" vibe, and applauding positivity should always be encouraged, especially among the high school set. 

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