Anchorman 2

3 Ad Campaigns That Got So Big, They Annoyed the Hell Out of Consumers

When it comes to building awareness, how much is too much? Multi-channel campaigns harnessing the power of digital space, air time and even real time have proven successful. But when does it tip over into overkill?With the biggest brands double-, triple- and even quadruple-flanking consumers, the trick becomes how to be near the top of mind without going over-the-top.

Social-Averse Apple Debuts Tumblr Campaign

Apple is known for eschewing popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Ron Burgundy Co-Anchors an Actual Local News Broadcast in Bismarck, N.D.

The Ron Burgundy blitz continues. Now, instead of congratulating movie stars on landing porny roles or hawking Dodge Durangos, Will Ferrell is making your wildest dreams come true by co-hosting, in Anchorman 2 character, an actual news broadcast for CBS affiliate KXMB-TV in Bismarck, N.D.

Will Ferrell’s Anchorman 2 Is Changing the Way Movies Are Marketed

In a video that will soon be making the rounds in Ireland and beyond, Ron Burgundy—as if he had been cryogenically frozen since the late ’70s—offers his congrats to Irish actor Jamie Dornan for landing the lead role in the forthcoming erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey.

Ron Burgundy Really Gets in Your Face in His Latest Dodge Spot

Dodge was taking a bit of a risk in hiring Ron Burgundy as pitchman—the ads, after all, promote Anchorman 2 at least as much as they sell any car. But the automaker must be happy with the number of times the brand and model names get uttered in Will Ferrell's latest spot for the automaker, which broke Sunday. He has a lot more to say, anyway, than he did the previous weekend in the "Get the Heck" spot, also posted below. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore.UPDATE: Another three new spots hit YouTube this afternoon. See them all below.

Ron Burgundy’s Hilariously Stupid Dodge Durango Campaign Is Destined for Greatness

The only thing better than Will Ferrell doing brilliantly stupid ads as Will Ferrell? Will Ferrell doing brilliantly stupid ads as Ron Burgundy.As we mentioned on Friday, Ferrell has filmed some spots for the Dodge Durango as his Anchorman character ahead of the release of Paramount Pictures' Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Check out the first eight spots below. The first few aired on TV this weekend, and Ferrell perfects the role of comically idiotic pitchman—with help from a roomy glove box and a "worthless" horse. The ballroom spots will premiere tonight on Dancing With the Stars.Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore., worked with Funny or Die writers on the scripts. FoD's production arm, Gifted Youth, which also produced Ferrell's famously offbeat Old Milwaukee ads, teamed with Caviar to co-produce this work. This is just the beginning, too. Chrysler chief marketing officer Olivier Francois told the ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Phoenix on Friday that this is "just a little appetizer," and that Chrysler was producing another 67 videos for the Web. "It's massive," he said.UPDATE: Dodge is now making real-time video responses to tweets about the campaign. First up, a horse explains horsepower to Ron Burgundy.

Chrysler Goes From Eminem and Clint to Ron Burgundy?

Eminem, Clint Eastwood, Paul Harvey and Ron Burgundy?Yes, Burgundy, the fictional anchorman played by Will Ferrell, is the latest celebrity to align himself to a Chrysler brand, in this case, the Dodge Durango, Chrysler chief marketing officer Olivier Francois said today at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference in Phoenix.