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Disaster Grips France in Burger King’s ‘Whopper Blackout’ Gag

Not many people know that Burger King pulled out of France for 15 years between 1997 and 2012. But actually, it's true. And the fast-food chain comically revisits that nightmare scenario in a new seven-minute mockumentary from agency Buzzman. Whopper addicts lose their minds, black-market dealers, counterfeiters and smugglers capitalize, and law enforcement officials enter into a game of Whac-a-Mole against illicit trade in a video that manages to cram in every genre trope imaginable.

Air France Delays Its New Ad Campaign After Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Air France was supposed to launch a new ad campaign on Tuesday in its home country but decided to hold it back after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, the same day. 

Starlab’s NYC Office Pays Homage to Its Luxury Roots

Starwood Hotels and Resorts is held in high regard among savvy business and leisure travelers. So when the company opened Starlab, a 46,000-square-foot brand-innovation studio in New York, the hotelier […]

Air France’s New Safety Video Is Stylish to the Point of Being Downright Silly

Ladies, if you're looking for a seat belt that "will elegantly highlight your waistline," Air France has the on-board safety video for you. The airline's new instructional video is certainly stylish and unique, but it also walks the line between fanciful imagery and feminine stereotypes. Made by BETC and slickly choreographed, the whimsical clip goes through all the standard airplane safety stuff—exit locations, tray tables, etc. But as is the trend these days, it also has a lot of fun with the presentation, delivered by five women in color-coordinated outfits. If you find the form-fitting seatbelt to be flattering, I hear the oxygen masks bring out your cheekbones, too. Yeesh.

Top 10 Branded Videos: Durex’s Secret Bedroom Technology Takes Over YouTube

Durex's clever technology-bashing video is having a reverse effect, racking up 12 million views on this week's Adweek/Tubular top 10 branded video chart.

Ad of the Day: Air France Takes You Inside the Dreamiest Airplane Cabin Ever

Air France embarks on a lavish flight of fantasy in this trippy 45-second global commercial by BETC Paris.

Air France Brings Back the Glamorous Getaway in Set of Gorgeous Posters

The marketing mavens behind Mad Men are tapping into the golden age of air travel with their promos for the drama's upcoming final season, and now Air France too is trying to keep the dream of glamorous transatlantic transit alive. In a series of print ads gorgeous enough to frame, agency BETC has put a retro veneer on Air France's modern luxuries. (Say, is that Marie Antoinette in business class?) The images, with the tagline, "France is in the air," are fanning out across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms. Print and radio are planned in a dozen countries. Compare the campaign's nostalgic, feet-up, perk-filled promises with the reality of domestic travel in the U.S., often akin to riding in a giant, jam-packed city bus in the sky, and summer vacation season can’t come soon enough.

When Airlines All Look Alike, What’s a Marketer to Do?

If there’s one thing that keeps a marketer awake at night, it’s commoditization—a nasty little bug that reduces a brand’s personality to the anonymous essentials of its segment. Put another way, it’s when a consumer believes it doesn’t matter what brand he buys, they’re all the same.