Air France Brings Back the Glamorous Getaway in Set of Gorgeous Posters

Retro atmosphere, modern amenities

The marketing mavens behind Mad Men are tapping into the golden age of air travel with their promos for the drama's upcoming final season, and now Air France too is trying to keep the dream of glamorous transatlantic transit alive.

In a series of print ads gorgeous enough to frame, agency BETC has put a retro veneer on Air France's modern luxuries. (Say, is that Marie Antoinette in business class?)

The images, with the tagline, "France is in the air," are fanning out across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms. Print and radio are planned in a dozen countries.

Compare the campaign's nostalgic, feet-up, perk-filled promises with the reality of domestic travel in the U.S., often akin to riding in a giant, jam-packed city bus in the sky, and summer vacation season can’t come soon enough.

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