Christopher Heine

Facebook Just Owned Up to Misreporting Likes, Reactions and Shares to Brands

Its metrics come under scrutiny again

In a blog post today, Facebook admitted to miscalculating more of its marketing stats that companies look at to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts. The move marks the third time…

11 Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Instagram booms, while Houseparty quickly gains traction

Last week, holiday shopping dominated a steady stream of digital marketing stats. During the last several days, the data points were more varied, providing a cornucopia of marketing intelligence. Here are…

7 Moments From 2016 That Show Periscope Still Draws a Crowd

Livestreaming everything from hurricanes to Louis Vuitton

Facebook Live, which is currently running an extensive TV campaign, has brought the idea of livestreaming into the mainstream. But what about Periscope, the app that in 2015 truly made…

Here Are 5 Hot Cultural Trends That Marketers Need to Know for 2017

Post-election inclusivity, AI, 'tech drugs' and more

  brightcove.createExperiences(); American elections have policy consequences, President Barack Obama famously said in 2008. With that in mind, Sparks & Honey's…

Vinyl Records Are Now Outselling Digital Downloads in the UK

Marking a 100 percent year-over-year increase in sales

If you thought the vinyl record's comeback story was more buzz than business, consider the latest developments from across the pond. The U.K.-based Entertainment Retailers Association, or ERA, said Monday…

Check Out Twitter's 10 Buzziest Global Topics of 2016

Trump-Clinton election wasn't No. 1, believe it or not

Twitter today is revealing its top 10 global trending topics of 2016. The Summer Olympics were the buzziest event of the year on the microblogging platform, garnering 187 million tweets, highlighted by…

The New Star Wars Movie Just Added a Healthy Dose of Twitter Marketing in Theaters

Hashtags with your popcorn?

Here's the latest example of Twitter being everywhere in the media: The microblogging platform has teamed up with Disney and National CineMedia, which is in 1,600 theaters, to show tweets…

7 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From a Week Dominated by Holiday Retail

Surprising Cyber Monday data and more

It's been a strong week in digital marketing stats thanks to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays in general. Below are the seven data points that caught our eye…

Shell Just Made an Interactive Music Video Specifically for Snapchat

Gas brand extends Jennifer Hudson-led effort

Shell is rebooting the #makethefuture music video it launched last month that featured musicians Jennifer Hudson, Luan Santana, Pixie Lott, Steve Aoki, Tan Weiwei and Yemi Alade. It's the same song—a cover…

FedEx Leans on a Sophisticated Data Stream to Play Last-Minute Santa

Inside the brand's weather-monitoring dashboard

Millions of Americans will wait until the last minute to send holiday gifts to far-flung locales, and many will lean on FedEx to make it happen in a hurry. There's…