With This New Deal, More Targeted Ads Are Coming to Your TV

NCC Media will use 'non-personally identifiable data'

NCC Media will offer targeted advertising to millions of cable homes. Twitter: @NCCMedia
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The large cable companies that own NCC Media, the national advertising sales, technology and marketing firm, announced today that they will launch a new division to sell targeted ads to cable systems nationwide.

The group will use “non-personally identifiable data” to create products for targeted audiences across linear and video-on-demand, or VOD, platforms that will launch later this year, the owners, Charter Communications, Comcast Cable and Cox Communications, announced.

“Today’s announcement is a natural extension of the great work we are already doing with Charter, Cox and NCC Media in cable advertising,” said Comcast Cable president and CEO David Watson in a statement. “Together with our partners, we have new opportunities to build advanced advertising solutions that deliver scale, consistency and reliability.”

The former national ad sales team at Comcast Spotlight will create the foundation of the group, using resources from NCC Media, Charter and Cox.

“This new group within NCC Media has the ability to make a major impact for all players within the advertising landscape,” said Charter CEO Thomas M. Rutledge. “It has the power to transform the way we measure advertising effectiveness across linear and VOD through best-in-class data and technology.”

While owned by the three biggest multiple-system operators, MSOs, NCC Media represents every major cable, satellite and telco service provider in the country.

Comcast remains the nation’s largest MSO with 21.3 million video subscribers, followed by Charter with 16.5 million and Cox, which serves 6 million residential and business customers.

@SaraJerde sara.jerde@adweek.com Sara Jerde is publishing editor at Adweek, where she covers traditional and digital publishers’ business models. She also oversees political coverage ahead of the 2020 election.