Winter Is Coming—and Then Game of Thrones Will Return to Our Screens Shortly After That in April

There are only six episodes in the final season

The last season of Game of Thrones will have 6 episodes. HBO
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Prepare: The last battles over who will take the Iron Throne will play out when the final season of the HBO series debuts in April 2019.

The six remaining episodes were teased by the network with a short video chronicling popular scenes from the series:

HBO is launching a marketing campaign called “#ForTheThrone” centered around the final season that will roll out leading up to the season premiere. As part of it, the campaign will highlight the “extreme” things the characters have done to attempt to take the throne. Posters of the characters will post on social media, where a new emoji was designed for this season, which fans can use when tweeting with “#GameofThrones,” “#GoTS8,” “#GoT,” “#ForTheThrone” or “#PorElTrono.”

Game of Thrones will also take over Grand Central Station starting Nov. 27 will over 150 variations of the “#ForTheThrone creative,” according to HBO, and will offer 250,000 limited edition MetroCards.

As far as what actually happens in those six episodes, good luck speculating.

HBO is notoriously tight-lipped about GOT spoilers, though fans have been known to dive through threads and theories online to talk about how the show will end. Even actors on the show seemed, at one point, to be in on the mystery. Actress Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, told The Hollywood Reporter that she suspected alternate endings were being shot to keep actors on their toes.

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