Uproxx Showcases ‘Young Thinkers, Doers and Creators’ at Its NewFront Event

And announces 8 new series

Alyssa Carson, a teen with a dream of being the first human on Mars, is one of many inspiring people Uproxx has profiled. UPROXX
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Uproxx Media Group announced a slew of new short- and long-form series at its NewFront event, held today in New York.

The media company will produce about eight new shows focusing on pop culture, news, uplifting stories and the music scene. One of the series, Creative Minds, will highlight the most exciting minds who are shaping the future of culture. Uproxx will also be expanding its existing Human series.

The company also announced an original docuseries available exclusively on Comcast’s Watchable platform titled Us Against the World. Coming this fall, the show will follow a Kentucky high school basketball team as they overcome racial divisions and win the state championship.

At its Newfront event, Uproxx wanted its attendees to grasp the depth of connection it has to its online audience.

Speaking at the #newfronts conference this morning: #uproxx and the culture of now.

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“We’re not outsiders looking in,” said CEO Benjamin Blank. “We’re embracing this generation in everything we do.”

Uproxx, which reaches over 40 million monthly users, and one out of every two millennials males, through its six core brands (Uproxx, HitFix, Dime, Real Talk, With Spandex and BroBible), strives to “create content to help people share their identity,” said Blank.

The presentation included a panel of people Uproxx has featured before in video series, so the company could show ad partners how it translates today’s culture to brands.

The panel included Yung Jake, a digital artist, Kai Kloepfer, who created Biofire to reduce accidental gun violence, Alyssa Carson, a teenager already training to be on the first mission to Mars and Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, an experimental jazz musician.

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