If Only the MTA Was This Fast; Big Winners of Disney’s Media Account: Tuesday’s First Things First

Plus, social platforms expand their audience networks

Sometimes you get stuck on a subway with terribly annoying people.
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This Subway Can’t Make Your Commute Less Annoying, But Promises to Make It Shorter

Imagine this: A boy scout troop joins your subway car, popping open lunches full of eggs and tuna sandwiches. How quickly would you want your ride to be over? In New York, there’s a good chance the next half hour or hour(s) of your life will be miserable. In Copenhagen, you’ll be free of this odoriferous hellscape in minutes. These new spots from agency Hjaltelin Stahl remind us of that simple fact.

Read more: Watch the two spots in the campaign, including the most annoying a cappella group in Europe.

Omnicom and Publicis Will Share the Happiest Media Account on the Planet

Six agencies across four holding companies competed for Disney’s $2.2 billion media account, but in the end Omnicom and Publicis won the business, which includes all of the company’s properties, including 20th Century Fox. Disney awarded its North America movie studios account, including Disney Studios, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox, to OMG23, Omnicom’s bespoke unit dedicated to Disney.

Read more: Publicis keeps ESPN as well as other parts of the business. We obtained a memo from Arthur Sadoun that celebrates the win.

Meet the Women Running L.A.’s Top Advertising Agencies

In this week’s L.A. Issue, Adweek looked at everything from a star in the making like Lena Waithe to some of the rising brand stars across the city. We also examined the agency world, where a trend popped out: Women run the agency scene. They lead six of the biggest agencies in the city: TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A., Omelet, 72andSunny, Deutsch L.A., Zambezi and David&Goliath.

Read more: The six agency leaders spoke with Adweek about the unique culture of the Los Angeles market.

Social Platforms Are Increasingly Experimenting With Audience Networks

Facebook and Google have had great success with audience networks for years (or decades in Google’s case), but some of the new players in town are also dabbling in the networks that offers marketers the opportunity to expand their targeting capabilities.

Read more: See what Snapchat and TikTok are up to and how the market could change as TikTok in particular explodes onto the scene.

Just Briefly: The Rest of Today’s Top Insights and News

Ad of the Day: Ads for France’s Canal+ Struggle to Compare It to Netflix Without Saying ‘Netflix’

Self-censorship is a tried-and-true gag for comedic ads and agency BETC takes the bit in some enjoyably meta directions with its new campaign to promote the evolution of French network Canal+ into a streaming platform.

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Kristin Patrick, CMO of PepsiCo brand development, on mentoring women

I really go out of my way to make sure that I’m mentoring women and putting them at the forefront. I’m really interested in [supporting] young women in particular. As of late I’ve been hiring a lot of women filmmakers and directors to support some of the things that we’re looking at. I feel like women in business play a really interesting role. There are certain pockets where I can stop and say to myself, ‘OK, how do I help this woman on my team?’

What’s critical to being an effective mentor?

Alda Abbracciamento, chief growth officer, Flytedesk
Understand what success looks like from the mentee’s perspective. Don’t assume it’s your wisdom that someone wants. Mentorship is often both ways—there’s as much to learn from each other as there is for one to learn from the other. I have found it important not to overstep bounds, or assume that you know what your mentee needs to do or be.

Valerie Moizel, ecd and co-founder, The Woo
It’s important to understand that often times younger generations have different perspectives than you did when you were starting out. Cultural norms have shifted, so the ways that you overcame challenges may not be the same way that makes sense today. Just be sensitive to that.

Courtney Berry, managing director, Barbarian
You don’t have to have all of the answers. And the fear of needing to have all of the answers shouldn’t discourage you from becoming a mentor to someone. Sometimes asking your mentee the questions helps to get to the answers you need. Take your time in getting to know your mentee.