Facebook Live

McDonald’s Is Giving Away Its Big Mac Sauce via Livestreams on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

For fast-food lovers, the Big Mac has been a national treasure since McDonald's rolled it out in 1968, and much of the double-burger's success can be attributed to its secret sauce.

64% of Marketers Have a Snapchat Account, According to New Report

While 64 percent of marketers have a Snapchat account, only 67 percent of those accounts are active, according to an extensive new report from research firm L2.

Airbnb Is Testing 360° Live Video on Twitter and Periscope to Inspire Vacation Planners

Livestreaming became fashionable among brands in 2016, with Lowe's, Taco Bell and other companies

AT&T Is Using Facebook Live to Let Kids Interact With Santa Claus Before Christmas

According to Possible's back-of-the-napkin math, around 6.6 million American children in the next year will decide that Santa Claus isn't real. The ad agency, working for client AT&T, wants to help keep the dream alive for kids this weekend with a little tech.

You Can Now Listen to Live Audio Content on Facebook

Facebook Live isn't just for video. Today the social network launched a new feature dubbed Live Audio that lets users listen to broadcast voice recordings, pushing more audio-only content into newsfeeds.

Instagram Just Rolled Out Its Live Video Feature to All U.S. Users

Meerkat and Periscope made live mobile video "a thing" in 2015, and since then about every other digital platf

7 Moments From 2016 That Show Periscope Still Draws a Crowd

Facebook Live, which is currently running an extensive TV campaign, has brought the idea of livestreaming into the mainstream.

As Social Platforms and Brands Turn to Live Video, Will Viewers Keep Tuning In?

A week before Thanksgiving, dozens of sharply dressed young men and women began arriving at Taco Bell's headquarters for the fourth annual Friendsgiving feast, which included rolled turkey tacos and turkey-and-stuffing-filled "Golden Quesalupas." While the event is usually exclusive to social media influencers and celebrities, this year,

Bill Nye Is Hosting a Facebook Live View-A-Thon to Raise Money for National Parks

Bill Nye—the quirky, energetic, bow-tied science guy from the hit educational show—spent the 1990s winning over the hearts and minds of students with the goal of helping them see that "science is cool." Now, two decades later, he's hoping to reach those fans with a mobile-first message focused on making the nation's parks cool, too.

Lowe’s Is Using Facebook Live to Unveil Its Black Friday Deals This Weekend

Can live video help retailers win the battle known as Black Friday? Lowe's, the do-it-your-self home improvement brand, intends to find out.