Integration Gives Media Clients on NewsWhip Access to Reddit Content

Journalists can filter comments, save searches, find experts

The Reddit community can help NewsWhip clients better understand public option NewsWhip/Reddit
Headshot of David Cohen

Clients of media social intelligence provider NewsWhip can now more easily incorporate content from Reddit into their stories following an agreement between the two companies that was revealed Wednesday.

Journalists and other media can tap a comprehensive monitoring function on NewsWhip Spike to search the 130,000 or so active communities on Reddit and filter out relevant posts and comments from the platform’s 430 million users.

The integration of Reddit into NewsWhip includes:

  • A path enabling NewsWhip users to filter comments that are relative to their search and highlight the percentage of comments that meet that requirement.
  • Saved searches for monitoring specific subreddits and terms.
  • Full “firehose” coverage encompassing posts, comments and vote scoring.
  • Exports for offline analysis, summarization and sharing.
  • A full view of news events, putting discussion on Reddit in context with related news stories and discussion on other social platforms via NewsWhip’s cross-platform view.


NewsWhip pointed out that stories and events can emerge on Reddit well before they reach mainstream awareness, and tracking subreddits related to beats or searching for discussions can help its clients stay on top.

Reach group head of social, Reach Nationals Yara Silva said in a NewsWhip blog post, “We use the Reddit integration with NewsWhip every day to find great stories. It’s a really useful tool to see what’s generating conversation and find posts that are on the cusp of going viral so that we can turn them into compelling articles for our audiences.”

The integration also helps connect NewsWhip clients with experts due to Reddit’s structure of self-selected, user-moderated groups based on common interests.

NewsWhip provided the example of MIT Technology Review tapping the r/ChangeMyView subreddit for expert advice on how to challenge beliefs in conspiracy theories.


The Reddit community can also help NewsWhip clients better understand public option, with one example being Jeff Stein of The Washington Post using r/unemployment as a source for his reporting on emergency coronavirus relief.


The Associated Press senior vice president for strategy Jim Kennedy said in the NewsWhip blog post, “The additional context from Reddit will help journalists discover new insights and angles to developing stories as NewsWhip tracks their trajectory through the social ecosystem.”

Reddit senior manager of media partnerships Youyoung Lee concluded, “Starting today, publishers using NewsWhip will be able to access and distribute publicly posted Reddit content to their many readers. This content is featured and searchable within NewsWhip Spike for further insights and content sourcing. Journalists are able to search for relevant topics and save these searches for future use.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.