GumGum’s Founder Is Stepping Down to Lead the Company’s Dental Division Spin-Off

COO Phil Schraeder will succeed Ophir Tanz

GumGum is spinning off its dental division into an independent business. GumGum
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GumGum, an artificial intelligence and computer vision company used by marketers for brand safety, is getting deeper into the teeth business.

California-based GumGum is spinning off its dental division into an independent business, which the company said will continue developing AI services for the dental industry. As part of the spin-off, GumGum founder Ophir Tanz will step down as CEO to lead the new company, with president and chief operating officer Phil Schraeder taking his place.

GumGum didn’t provide many details when announcing the news on Thursday and was not immediately available to comment on its future plans. However, in a statement, Schraeder said separating the media and advertising business from the part devoted to dentistry will “allow us to create the dedicated focus and bespoke teams necessary to help both units achieve their respective goals.”

The dental division uses AI for both natural language processing and computer vision to help dentists see oral issues earlier such as fillings, cavities and widened ligaments. According to the company, it also helps with faster data entry and billing, as well as performance reports.

“This move will enable GumGum to focus attention and resources on its core lines of business,” Tanz said in a statement. “Furthermore, the spin-out will provide the burgeoning dental business the autonomy of a true startup where we plan to leverage our AI technology to drive revolutionary advances in the dental industry.”

Founded in 2008, GumGum’s advertising business works with leading media companies such as ESPN, Time, Twitter and Instagram to scan images and videos to provide contextually relevant and brand-safe ads. A separate division for sports uses AI for measuring sponsorships.

@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.