YouTube Star Hannah Witton Gives Candid Advice About Sex in Durex Campaign

Answering questions from fans

As brands continue to use popular YouTubers for ad campaign, Durex has found the perfect endorser with Hannah Witton—a vlogger whose non-branded content already includes plenty of talk about sex and relationships.

Durex used the hashtag #DurexHannah to solicit questions from fans, which Witton—a 23-year-old British YouTuber with 120,000 followers—answers in the video below. Witton, who already counts a sex education series among her regular pursuits, had full editorial control, Durex says, choosing the products she wanted to feature in the video and doing the filming for the campaign herself.

She also reveals a special discount code for Durex products in the video. The campaign was devised by TMW Unlimited and assisted by ChannelFlip Media.