You Won’t Find a Good Woman in a Giant Gumball Machine

This two-minute-plus "Femme-o-Matic" spec dating-site spot by Jelmar Hufen has been kicking around for a little while. A doofus on a motorbike tools around aimlessly as "Ça Plane Por Moi" jangles on the soundtrack. He calls a pal's girlfriend a "cheap slag." Another guy parties with two bikini babes in a kiddie pool. There appears to be a nuclear plant belching smoke. The highlight—or lowlight, depending on your mood—is a giant gumball machine that dispenses women in sofa-size versions of those bubble-containers that look like UFOs. Our hero gets a frumpy housefrau, who asks him, "See anything you like?" "Know who you woo," says the tagline at the end. It's defiantly offensive, yet also well-made and even artsy, achieving a kind of nirvana of stupidity usually seen only in ads by Republicans candidates at election time. If nothing else, it's an awesome commercial for "Ça Plane Por Moi."