‘You Are What You Share’ Video Captures the Sheer Stupidity of Social Media

Quit your bragging and tagging

State.com has set all our hilarious social media frustrations to classical music.

Along with all having to look at what other people care about, which turns out is never what you care about, there’s angst about hashtagging, tail-wagging and "Am I bragging?" All of it leads up to the message that no one cares about your social media posts. State suggests we use another part of our brain, though they don’t say which part.

Seriously, do you have any idea from this promo what the State app actually does? Turns out it allows you to rate and comment on topics without posting or sending your comments to social media, and then it turns those ratings into graphs … because graphs.

So, if you hate social media and love graphs, log off your networks and download the State app. Or you know, at least stop Instagraming pictures of lamps.

Credits below.


Client: State.com

Director and Editor: Alex Gorosh

Director of Photography: Matt Garrett

Executive Producer: Max Joseph

Producer: Josh Fruehling

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